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Skin Care Review: Nivea White make Up Starter

Skincare Drama

Hello My Fellow Blogger friends!
Today I will talking (again) about skin care that I lately used. Few weeks ago I was going to guardian and decide to buy saveral Nivea products. One of them is Nive White Make Up Starter, that I know by watching one of Kiara Leswara's youtube video make up tutorial. She said that this product is a good alternative for affordable primer and moisturizer. 
As a girl that had so much skin sensitivity like me, I was so picky when it comes to skin care. I have some list of drugstore products that I really can't force to use. When I try to used them my acne going crazy and other part my skin getting so red like literally red. I was on trial and error with some products and found that drugstore products that could work on my skin are: Nivea and Garnier. So yeah, I'm kinda not worry about trying this new product. 
My current skin care crush: Sensatia Botanica

Nivea White Make Up Starter

I think that nivea has their own rule of packaging on their creamm product. Like most of their creme product, Nivea White Make Up Starter come with a small jar that availble in 2 size:
25 ml for IDR 26 K
50 ml for IDR 35 K.
They labeled the product as 'special cream that made for make-up lovers'. The box also contain the ingredient of the product, expiry date, how to apply, and some little advertisement about the product.

About the product:
Nivea White make up starter contain SPF 15 with UVA/UVB, vitamin C, and Pearl extract. The product also said could prepare your skin before using make up, and help to repair skin that got damage because of sunscreen and make up. Nivea White Make Up starter also said would help to made the skin pretty without feels sticky.

All of the Nivea Product I really love, because of the handy packaging.

White, creamy, and smells good.

Swatch on my hand


Buy again
Not sure

Softening skin really good
Contain SPF 15
Handy package
Affordable Price
Easy to get 

Need long time to drain it on my skin
Not really fill up the pores but more like a moisturizer

Nivea White Make Up starter actually working so good to moisturize my skin, but it need time to get dry on my skin. About being primer, for me its a NO for this product. I still could see my pores widely after I apply this product. LOL
Ya, for me its a yes for Moisturizer, but NO for primer.

I hope this review could help you guys to try or not Nivea White Make Up Starter.
Have you ever try or hear about this product? Let me know down on the comment box and lets have a good conversation!


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  1. Not heard of this product, although I usually like Nivea as a brand. A shame this didn't work so well as a primer though. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. yes I do sad too how this isnt work as the name :(

  2. Wow super cool Review. I really love this cream. As you said the only problem is the long time until its dry :)
    Have an awesome weekend

  3. I love how Nivea products always smell so good!


    1. Me too! I mostly love nivea, in any cream form. LOL

  4. Nivea is one of the best! :)
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    Would you like to follow each other via GFC FB Twitter G+ and Instagram?
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    1. Of course I will let you know on your blog! <3

  5. I have really sensitive skin too so I am always cautious about which products I am using. It's a shame this product didn't work so well as a primer but I'm glad it was OK as a moisturiser :) x

    1. True, i am always end up with the same product. LOL

  6. Great!


  7. aku suka yang serumnya krasa ringan sm cpt nyerepny :3

  8. DI aku nyerepnya lama bet kak :(


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