Sabtu, 22 April 2017 - Find your Roommate! Largest Home sharing web in Indonesia

Sharing a room with a stranger? Why not

Have you ever hear about sharing a room with a stranger in apartment or house?
I do hear about it while I watch some westren and korean drama or film, here in Indonesia I wasn't expect that actually exsist peoples sharing room with stranger.

Sharing room for me actually an effective ways to keeping money, especially in the era that we just back home for sleep, like right now. As you guys may read before, now I living my co-assistent life before becoming a doctor, so most of my life I spent it on the Hospital, and I am actually do sharing a room with my best friend.

Few moths ago I found a website named, that provide us to find a room mate for sharing living place such as house, apartment, or here in indonesia called ‘kost-kost an’ that something like guest house in western. help us find our room mate with such wide range place to be choosen from the highest price or lower price. 

1. Searching Roommate 
In this section on the web, will be available peoples that looking for roommate including the sharing price. their picture, and identity. 

2. Searching Room
The room, house, apartement or anything that available all over Indonesia, including the price. Life getting so much easier right? Thaks to

3. Free Advertisement
Have an available room? Why don't try to adverise it on Because of why not? It's free anyway!

Looking for room, and roommate now is on one click away, and its because of If you are looking for roommatte too just sign in to their web and find yours!


Sabtu, 15 April 2017

Beauty Review: Face 2 Face New Xoxo Matte Lipstick

What's smells Better Than Boxes of New Shades Lipsticks?

How was life, fellow blogger?
I have literally a weeks full of exam, it was literally like hell. I got stressed easily lately especially in the weeks full of exam. Its my second year as a assistant now, but yeah, every time talk about exam my nerves just getting something more electrical. LOL.
So, back to the topic. This post is dedicated to my dear darling Face 2 Face Cosmetics Indonesia, that sent me their newest matte xoxo lipsticks series. I was get a very special crush to their matte lip cream that I already posted before as a swatch sister with my fellow Bali Beauty Blogger friends.

The Packaging of the Face 2 face new xoxo Matte lipstick just so eye catching. They come with box in the colour of white and orange-ish red, super cute I like that. On the bottom of the box, they make it clear hole space that allowed us to see the number of the shades. The box contain their ingredients, and some instruction about the product. After we opened the box, Face 2 Face New Xoxo Matte Lipstick come with a bright orange tube that also with the word of  'xoxo'. Just like the other lipstick the tube contain roller that make the products come up. On the bottom of the tube contain their product registration code, number of shade, and name of the shade.

IDR 39 K


About the Product:
Face 2 face New xoxo Matte Lipstick come with 10 beautiful modern range colours. They named the shades with numbers and also cute fruits name like berries, cherries, etc. While I opened the tube, I can smells a sweet cake-like sensation, not so smeelly but still on the amount that my nose can handle. The Face 2 face team send me 5 of the New Xoxo Matte Lipstick shades, that I though the team put on so much effort to pick all the right shades for my skin tone, because of I love them all! Big-virtual-hugs to all the Face 2 face team! Actually none of the shades I have, but I really have a special crush on the shades of hazelnut and dark choco. The product of Face 2 face New xoxo Matte Lipstick come out nicely after only one swatch, they are matte just like the name, and easy to apply because of the soft texture.

Aren't they so gorgeous?

Face 2 Face New Xoxo Matte Lipstick swatches shades:
01 Hazelnut Latte
03 Dark choco
04 Lhycee Licious
05 Chocolate Lava
06 Fuchsia Berries

01. Hazelnut Latte
The colour of mauve been my on the go colour of lipstick for saveral years. Said no more. This shade was made for me, I will literally use it everyday from now on.

03. Dark Choco
If you love bold colour lipstick, this shade definitely made for you. Maroon mixed with dark brown that could make even more sexiness on your appearance (I mean Lip).

04 Lychee Lucious 
This shade is the brightest one on the series. I love to wear pink like this as the base of my lipstick and then I will pat-pat some powder so it can calm down a bit of the colour.

05. Chocolate Lava
I was rarely love lipstick in the tone of orange, but Face to face bring it to the whole new level. Hazelnut latte is the shade that contain orange colour with the tone of brown, the two colours mixed well that could afford to my skin tone.

06. Fucshia Berries
Another pinky tone colour on the series that could actually afforded by my skin. Not like the other fuchsia shades this shades already added some touch of light purple I thought.

Affordable Price
Contain modern shades that could use as daily lipstick
The colours appear in one swatch
Supper pretty matte finish

It transferred easily


You already know my answer. YES! I love them, each five of them. But my fave two shades are Hazelnut Latte, and Dark Chocolate they just got my heart at hi! The only thing that I wish Face 2 face team fixed about this product is the transferred formula. Because every girl want to eat pizza without ruining their lipsticks, right?

Raised your hand if you agree with me! 


Sabtu, 08 April 2017

Event Report: Second Rococo Resort in Bali

Nice to meet you again, Rococo Resort! 

Hey My fellow bloggers!
My day was a total rush before I attend the Media Gathering from the Second Rococo Resort Opening. I'm going to Hospital regulary and driving in a speed of light to W Seminyak for attend the opening. I just glad that I make it happen.
So, Rococo just opened their second resort in Bali, and I just so honnored that I am choosen again being one of their media partner.
Read also the report of the first ever Rococo Resort in Bali.

Me. Between the Rococo's product.

I was coming too late, the Trunk show and fashion preview was ended, the other guests even done with their lunch when I arrived. So yeah, I ate first at Starfish Bloo and continue to get a tour inside the Rococo Resort's Gallery.
Isn't the food looks tasty? They taste better on my tounge than my eyes. LOL

Aren't the turtle sooo cute?

That's all ware the models represented the fashion preview during the opening of the second rococo resort. They are wearing all products that available at Rococo Resort. The bikini and beachwear they wore from the brand Vilebrequin, world's best beachwear company that in Indonesia only available at Rococo Resort!
Long story short, Ms. Miranda the CEO of the Rococo Group, present me about the history of Vilebrequin, that is a brand founded by a photographer named Fred Physquel in St. Tropez on 1971. It was a summer on St. tropez, when the brand first made.
The first ever product from Vilebrequin, and now being legendary is their swim shorts. All the products from Vilebrequin are made from a special high density polyamide, which is more tear-resistant than polyester but dries just as fast. The fabrics also designed with a back eyelet holes that reduce the balloon but effect you can get coming out the water, that we're known as a Fashion BIG no-no!
 The polyamide pabrics also so soft agains our skin. The pabric just exclusively made by Vilebrequin  and exclusive for the company. Vilebrequin team also so significant about how to put their pattern together as it is about the materials. Ms. Miranda give me a closer look to one of the swim short and I found they give the excat same print on both side of  the short. All The cutting o the fabrics well and make it a perfect match,
Vilebrequin was first come to dad-son series, and now expanding their wings to Mom-daughter series or even full family series.

From outside the Gallery, aren't those clutch cute?

I'm never get enough of their hats :'))

Cute right? Its a bag from Yasbukey.

I got eyes stare on me. Nah, that just Kenzo shoes, not boys anyway. LOL

Who can resist that cerries?

The Legendary mink lashes from Chiara Ferragni Collection

Vilebrequin's corner on the Resort!

I just love this words taken from Rococo Resort's wall.

Excuse me, I just really-really love to take car Selfie. LOL

Have A great weekend everyone!