Sabtu, 22 Juli 2017

Latest Lipstick Crush: Face 2 Face XOXO Matte Lipstick #10

Nude at it BEST!

Hello again everyone!
My life rolling literally like a roller coster this past one month, up and down in a blink of eye :')
I am glad that I'm not losing my mind while get trough those time.
Anyway, I didn't get time to make a new feed and this photos taken months ago, but still worth to post, tho.

 I am in love with this nude lips shade.

Product that I used:

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation #50
LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer 
Zoya Cosmetics translucent Powder
Catrice Cosmetcis Sun Glow Bronzer
Mizzu Cosmetics Kit
Maybelline Hypermatte liquid Eyeliner
Elf Cosmetics Volumizing mascara
Aiglowlashes #p13
Mukka Cosmetics Pencil Eyliner
Face 2 face Cosmetics xoxo matte lipstics #10 Persimmon Pie



Sabtu, 15 Juli 2017

Travelling Diary: Exploring Bandung, Shopping at Pasar Baru, and Trying Bebek Ali

What's the best part of travelling?

I just done my night shift and scrolling around my draft(s) and found this beautiful pictures of my Bandung Vacation. My life was so wonderful :")

Anyway, I am doing full make up on my every vacation lately.

My not-so proper OOTD photo

Could you see my glow?

My whole life is a full of beautiful things when I am in vacation :')


Selasa, 11 Juli 2017

Althea Korea Ramadhan Limited box Unboxing ft Bali Beauty Blogger

I love you, Althea!

Could you actually see how happy I am?

With me again, my friends! 
How was life? Mine still running so fast! I can't even breathe air... But I still thankful to be able to know the feel of being co-assistant, some fun indeed along the tiredness.
Anyway, following my previous post about Bali Beauty Blogger and Althea Korea ini here, now  I will be unboxing the Ramadhan Limited box by Althea Korea. 
The box actually arrived last week, but again I am to busy with myself so I just unboxing it three days ago and I am not trying most of the product yet :") 
In this post I will just make a quick preview of what I bought from my Althea Ramadhan Limited box and the first impression about the product(s) will be on my next-next-next-next (LOL) post.

The box is suppa cute! Its green and its seriously super though! Like no Joke

The Ramadhan limited box as the name, only the box(es) that available on purchase(s) during Ramadhan in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapura. The usual Althea's a sky blue colored box, and the ramadhan one is a soft green one. I love them both for sure. 

And the Inside! VOILA!!

My purchased product(s):

Its Skin Maccaron Cream Blush

Its my Eyelasleh Curler and Brush

Its Skin Primer

Tony Moly - Tony Tint Delight

The Saem Concealer

Etude House Bling-bling Eye Stick

Missha - 4D Mascara

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic nose pack

Innisfree Broccoli Clearing Toner

Etude Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

Yet Sheet Mask

Holika-holika Baby Pet Magic Sheet Mask

Pure Smile Pearl Sheet Mask

Lebaton Sheet Mask

Aren't they looking good on that green box?

All the products of the box are worth IDR 500K + The Its Skin Macaron cream Bluash I got from the Althea korea Raya Giveaway. Such A lucky girl I am right? 

Once again much and much love to ALTHEA KOREA and Indonesia
Instagram: @altheakorea

Watch my Unboxing youtube video:

Have you ever try to buy something on Althea Korea?
If you ever, lets comment down bellow and have great chit-chat!