Sabtu, 18 Februari 2017

Beauty Journal: The Atlas of Beauty

Beauties in all over the world

Hello my dear readers and bloggers!
How was life? I'm wishing you to have a very happy weekend.
Few months ago, I found an interesting bauty project called The Atlas of Beauty by a photograper named Mihaela Noroc.
I'm in love with first sight with this project.

 She's Mihaela Noroc, the woman behind The Atlas of Beauty.
She has a great mission to show the world about the beautiful face all over the world throgh photograph.

 Well, everey one has their own definition of beauty. But typically I saw my surrounding define beauty is about size, shape, and skin-tone. People around me, or maybe nowdays boys (not every boys of course) look at a girl and said them beautiful if they have small waist, nice skin and bla bla bla bla.
Somehow I just wanna live like Mihaela, to showing the world that beauty beyond what just our eyes could see. Maybe one day I could do that, if not in photography maybe from something others.

Aren't beautiful?

 For me personally, I can't see beauty in only one side. I am not tipical person that have one definition of beauty. For me, beauty come out from any persfective. So here is some of definition of beauty from me:
1. My Mother
2. All the woman that KNOW WHAT THEY WANT and WORK HARD FOR IT
3. Beauty comes out when you BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF
5. If you believe you are beautiful, YOU ARE!
6. Beautiful girl is the one that know how to sharing positive though with others

What your Definition o beauty? Tell me down below and lets have a great talk!


Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

Valentine Day's Make Up Collaboration: The True Blue Valentine

The White team gang!

In the collaboration with my beautiful fellow beauty bloggers, I create this look to Celebrating my Valentine's day.

Wardah - Luminos Everyday Liquid Foundation
LA girl - Pro conceal Conclear
Too Faced - Chocolate Bar Pallete
Revlon - Single Blue Eyeshadow
Emina - Lip Creme Flaminggo
Zoya - Translucent Powder
Oriflame - The One Eyebrow powder
Viva - Eyebrow Pencil

Blendig my blue eyeshadow with my Too Faced champagne shade to get my blue lids and highlight, I'm sorry if it look a it messy. I am not a pro, anyway :p

Yaaaas, I am in white team

Go check Bali BEAUTY BLOGGER's instagram page and got some make up inspiration from us!

And Lastly, thank you to @japansoftlens for my blue eyes! Full review in: Ayu and her Blue Eyes


Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

Living Two Different World

Me in the Weekdays vs Me in the Weekend

Hello again, My Loves!
Today I have something personal talk to you all my readers.
As, may some of you know.... Now I'm living my Co-Assistant aka Co-Ass Life as a medical student before I becoming a 'real' doctor.
Read also: My first C0-Ass cycle Vacation
It's almost A year since day 1 I did my Co-Ass life. 
As a person that not a medical student anymore nor a doctor yet, I'm now living the Hospital life.
In the morning I have scientist actuvity such as morning report or case report. Then I should be checking the patients one by one with my supervisors (that I actually check them one by one all alone, just before I do it with the supervisors) that called visite. Then, every three or If I lucky four days, I got my night shift. 
Thats in short my life in this past one year.
 Easy? Don't ask me, I wont Answer.

So, this is actually how I look like while I'm going to the hospital.

Pale, huh?

On the weekend I usually live my life to the fullest (read: meet my friends, having my make up on, go on shopping, sit in front of my laptop till 4am in the morning).
Living two side of life like I do right now is: CRAZY.
I can't even tell. But I know, what I do now would be good for me in the future.


On my face:
Sensatia Botanica - Facial C serum
Wardah Luminos foundation
La Girl - Concealer
Too Faced - Chocolate Bar eyeshadow pallete 
Oriflame - The One Powder Brows
LA tullipe - 4 colors eyeshadow pallete 
Sensatia Botanica - Lip Protection
Pixy - Matte Lip Cream - Chic Rose